We are restoring soil fertility, helping cool the earth and increasing land value.

Our powerful fertility amendment contains beneficial microbes, minerals and organic matter that boost crop yield and farm income.

We also create resilient, biodiverse forests that increase tree longevity, carbon sequestration and carbon credit revenue.

soil fertility
breakthrough for
grow more and better food per acre, and reduce the need to cut forests
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soil fertility
breakthrough for
boost tree growth,
bio-diversity, carbon sequestration, and cooling
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Soils are degraded around the world.

Over some 10,000 years, human agricultural practices have reduced the ability of soil to support optimum growth of plants and trees in most areas.

The reasons for soil depletion include a) erosion from plowing, b) years of crop production that extracts dozens of essential minerals from the soil which are generally not replaced, and c) oxidation of soil humus that stores water and minerals for the plants.

Poor soil health and productivity cause many farmers to experience low yields and thus financial distress. In addition, the food we eat is depleted of minerals due to the above factors, which has significant consequences on our health.

The situation is alarming, as now close to half the land area on earth (46%) is desert or arid wasteland  (per the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.) and cannot reliably support food production.

We must reverse this trend of soil depletion and deforestation by restoring soil fertility on a broad scale.

"The strongest weapons that we have for lowering temperatures are trees."

— Eleni Myrivili, Global Heat Officer for the UN-Habitat & Arsht-Rock partnership

Our soil fertility amendment: 20 years in the making

4Terra's soil amendment product is an historic breakthrough — a nature-based solution that improves fertility, restoring depleted soils in farms and forests. The results are impressive.

It took 4Terra's Founder, Ed Huling, nearly 20 years of rigorous testing, fine-tuning and investment to determine the optimal mix of its 20+ ingredients. His goal was to optimize plant nutrient “up-take,” which required extensive work to achieve the right balance of the minerals, microbes and humus — so each plant can access what it needs and when.

The resulting soil formula has generated 3 to 5 times more yield, up to 50% higher protein content in forage, and consistent doubling of daily cow weight gain.

Soil is a biochemically complex ecosystem.
The right combination is powerful.

Large Volumes Applied — 10 tons per acre

Taken together, at scale, our farming and reforestation systems constitute a powerful set of solutions to help slow global warming.

Implementing 4Terra's farming and reforestation systems will help grow more nutrient dense crops, move animals back onto pastures (versus feedlots), reduce the need to cut more forests to produce more grain for feedlots, cool the earth, return hundreds of billions of tons of atmospheric CO2 to soil where it is needed, increase rainfall and slow global warming.